What Not To Miss in Tokyo

Tokyo is giving you a feeling of tradition and advance technology blended in one!  Depends on the lengths your stay you can see everything in this post in 5 days! 

When you travel and you don’t know the local language, is always good to plan your day. What I do, it’s having an idea by area so I don’t waste time travelling to one side to the other in the city. I did start in the early morning visiting Tsukiji Fish Market. If you go in early hours you have the change to see all fishermen arriving at the Market full of fresh fish. You can eat and buy fresh fish everywhere on the market! Also, Japan is famous for its beautiful ceramics and the area of the market is full of beautiful shops! Another Must Seeing is Shibuya Crossing one of the biggest crossing in the world. It’s incredible how many people are passing this crossing every day! Shibuya is the area of Tokyo that never sleeps, always busy, full of shops, restaurant and Karaoke bar! If you are for nightlife adventure, that’s definitely where you should go! 

As soon you get out Shibuya Station you will see Hachiko Statue. The Hachiko story is about this dog, Hachiko, waiting for his owner at the station until the day he will be back. There is a movie about it, if you have time I will highly recommend to see it: it’s called Hachiko.

If you love unique shops I will recommend the Harajuku area, only a few minutes walking from Shibuya! In this area, I went to a live show in Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku, which it’s a fancy and unique cafe. If you go during the day is for family and kids, in the evening becomes more a burlesque show for adult.

Akihabara is the anime/manga area of Tokyo called also Electric Town. Is the centre of technology, videogames, anime, cosplay and action figures. You can still find shops selling Playstation one games and different unobtainable console. You can spend a full day playing on arcade console and never playing the same game!

The Sensō-Ji Temple (Asakusa area) is one of the most famous temples in Japan, even if the touristic area, the local are still going. You can find a lot of souvenirs shops in this area and a lot of street food. If you are a fan like me of Miyazaki movie, The Studio Ghibli Museum it’s a must!  For Studio Ghibli Museum entry, buy your tickets months in advance, they go sold out very quick! (quick link that explains how to get the tickets). No picture allowed inside. You can experience how Miyazaki create animations in his films. You can see how he was living, some of his drawing and for the Shopping addicted: exclusive shop inside.

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