It’s called Earth and it’s your mother!

With Earth day just a couple of days ago, I believe this is the perfect occasion to talk about sustainability and everything related to mother Earth. Nowadays we hear about being sustainable everywhere. But what exactly means? Well, I don’t know for sure, but I can tell you what I think it means. Being sustainable means making choices thinking about the planet as well. Being cost conscious and environmental in your daily life. Pretty much reduce what is unnecessary and keep it basic!

This year to celebrate the 50th anniversary the theme chosen was climate action (ehy there Greta Thunberg!), which represent the biggest challenge for our future as the world right now is facing a massive extinction and that’s on us with our pollution, with some people killing animals and in general not taking care of our planet and its nature. Find out how you can take action here:

But how can we help the planet? For once perhaps by stopping using plastic. Many many companies nowadays are producing plastic free items. Think about your water bottles! I went plastic free more than a year ago now, saving the planet and some money as well (I personally use my reusable bottle from KleanKanteen )

here there are some brands that are producing reusable bottles:

  • Black Blum this brand sells reusable water bottles with its own filter ;
  • S’well this brand is probably one of the most known and has quite a few fashionable pieces. Drink in style!
  • Asos has got a very wide range and has always some good bargains!

When people say technology meet sustainability, Sky is promoting a line of reusable accessories (water bottle, cup for your coffee on the run, cutlery) designed by celebrities (including Kate Moss and Princess Eugenie) to help saving the Ocean from drowing in Plastic. To support their project they teamed up with Project 0 for their #PassOnPlastic campaign. All proceeds will go to Sky UK’s ocean health partners: 75% of them will go to WWF UK and the remaining 25% to Project 0. Shop their range here: #PassOnPlastic

Cool, now that we all got rid of our plastic what else can we do? Well, there are no specific guidelines on what to do to save the planet and breath a better air! However, we can help the planet (and let’s be honest save more money in bills!) by: reducing the waste of water while showering (keep it short people!), turning off the tap while brushing our teeth, recycle (shopping bag, packages, let’s just not throw them away but recycle for something else … a bit of diy here and there!). This is just small contribution on how to help your own planet, but feel free to educate yourself by searching the topic on our old good friend google, that created a specific section about being sustainable: YourPlanYourPlanet .

Disclaimer: all the links produced in this article are not sponsored whatsoever, but are coming from my researches and personal taste. I don’t take any commission or money by linking them.

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