What’s in my beauty routine?

Generally speaking, I am a person that tend to constantly change herself, also luckily for me I never suffered from specific problems with my skin. For me to even think about the word routine was laughable when I was younger. My “routine” consisted in washing my face, put tons of make up on (didn’t we all do this?), and unfortunately many many times forgetting about taking it off. This resulted in my skin rebelling against my poor decisions in life and starting breaking out all over the place. Basically it was kind of an eye open to me and I started to be more caring about it and invest more into taking care of it (in terms of money and time). So here I am breaking down to you what I personally do for my skin on a daily basis (yes also in the morning when all we want to do is stay in bed for as long as we can).

Let me start by saying that I’ve got a combination skin type (same for my hair unfortunately but that’s for another time). So my skin tends to be dry around my cheeks and quite oily with pores and some blackheads on my T Zone (forehead, nose, chin). Also my skin kind of suffers seasons since I moved to London a few years ago. It’s quite dry and dull during winter and gets very oily in the summer. Water is also another factor that affects my skin, my skin gets quite sensitive to this water and tends to breakout more. Genetics unfortunately is another factor, especially for my dark circles under my eyes that seems to never want to disappear.

All that said this is what I find extremely useful for me, that works extremely well and made my skin quite nourished and glowy with a uniform color now and much much better than it was until a couple of years ago. First thing first, I do separate steps between morning and evening.


I wash my face, first thing in the morning, with a cleanser. I personally use, adore, love, huge fan of the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. It’s been my favourite one for over a year now, I use it twice a day and my skin has never been better! It’s a PH-Balanced daily cleanser, extremely delicate and good for every skin type. I use it with lukewarm water, put it in my hands and gently massage my face for a minute before washing it off. My skin looks purified and nourished.

Second step after that is the toner. Again, two different toners between morning and evenings. I use the Niacinamide Toner from QAndA every morning after washing my face, paying particular attention to the areas in which I tend to breakout. Why? Because the niacinamide is a vitamin that reduce the redness and inflammation in our skin and minimize the appearance of pores. This product specifically is vegan friendly and 95% of its formula is natural. I apply few drops into a cotton pad and wipe all over my face, patting the areas in which I breakout.

Third step is my caffeine serum, from QandA. As I mentioned before, I have really bad circles under my eyes. It’s really a combination of many things, first and foremost genetics. There is really not much I can do about it; however, this serum helps A LOT! I use it twice a daily (mornings and evenings) and after only a week I already noticed a huge difference. My eyes looks brighter, it’s really soothing in the delicate part of my skin. I apply it under my eyes and gently dab with my ring finger to remove the excess. Works magic, I promise you! Another good caffeine serum, that saves also your bank account is the one from The Ordinary, highly recommended.

Straight after my caffeine serum, I use my daily dose of Vitamin C. The Regena 20% Vitamin C Serum C20 from FaceTheory. I start using it only recently, I’ve never been happier with the results. Vitamin C is a brighter, and this serum contains 20% of it in conjunction with Hyaluronic acid (for your lines) and liquorice (which is also the scent). It contains also vitamin B5 which fights redness, irritation, and hydrates skin. It can also balance sebum production in oily skin, so it’s really for every skin type. I apply a few drops into my hands and then pat all over my skin.

I let my skin rest for a couple of minutes and then I put on my moisturiser and SPF (sun protection, every day as a must even if I don’t leave my house which I haven’t as of recently!).

As a moisturiser in the morning I use my QandA Ginger Root moisturiser with natural actives like Ginger Root and Aloe Vera. It’s calming and my skin feels quite nourished. A perfect primer for my make up.

Morning routine is now completed! I put my make up on and start my day.


My evening routine is all about relaxation. After a long day we are obviously tired, so I use this occasion to pamper myself.

So I start by washing my face with my Peppermint Daily Cleanser from QandA. It’s so refreshing and hydrating. Super good. You only need a tiny amount of it on damp skin.

I continue after with my Solution toner from Glossier. It’s an exfoliating toner that brightens, smooth and clear my skin. Again I pay particular attention to the area that breakouts more. I apply few drops into a cotton pad and then gently sweep across face and neck. Removes all the dirts as well.

I let my face rest for a couple of seconds and then jump into my Caffeine serum. Again same process as the morning.

After that I put my Super Bounce hyaluronic acid serum from Glossier. It’s a vitamin B5 + hyaluronic acid serum. I apply every evening, put few drops into my hands and massage both my face and my neck in upwards movements. It hydrates and softens my skin a lot.

Although I’ve got a combination skin type, every evening I mix two to three drops of Super Food facial Oil from QandA to my Relaxing Night Cream M10 from Facetheory. The facial oil is rich of vitamins A, C, E and F and it’s perfect to calm and hydrate the skin. While the moisturiser has got argan oil as well (and also acid hyaluronic and vitamins) and it’s perfect because its soothing.

I complete my skincare with my lip balm (I’ve got very dry lips all year around and I use mostly Vaseline and Carmex lip balms) and hand cream (especially during this awful time!).

I hope my routine guide has been useful to you, that you enjoyed as much as I did while writing it. Please do let me know if you try any of these products. DISCLAIMER: I bought all these items myself, and this is my honest opinion after trying them for a while. Drop a comment below with your feedbacks and opinions!

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