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Hotel Empire
View from Central Park

Whether is your first time in the city, or you’re a regular, New York never stops to amaze you. As soon as you step down the plane, you already feel like you’re in a movie (Gossip Girl, Sex and the city, Taxi Driver, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and so on, the choice is yours!). With its neon lights, the chaotic street at any hour of the day, New York it’s a dream, or perhaps an Instagram dream nowadays.

To help you get your perfect shot of the city, we decided to write down a list of our best places in New York, some famous, some not. There are thousands of places to see and things to do, this is just a short one (if you’re a first-timer for example!). Write down a comment if you have more spots!

Dumbo (short for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is one of the most iconic places to visit in New York. Some Gossip Girl fans will recognise it as Dan Humprey’s house (yes so do I!). It’s a very touristy spot so I recommend you to visit early in the day (but be careful when you try to get your perfect shot, as people live in the area so there’s a lot of traffic!).

How to get there: Dumbo is a district, however, that specific spot of the picture is in Washington Street.

Make sure after you got your perfect shot to have a walk around the area, for example, head to the waterfront for views of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, as well as Pebble Beach which is a must-see!

On your trip to the big apple, the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-do picture!

From the 1883 connecting Brooklyn with Manhattan, is supported by four main cables, which descend from the tops of the suspension towers and help support the deck. 

How to get there: my shot was taken walking from Brooklyn at sunset, as you can see on the left side, on the background, all the financial district.

! Tip: You need to know that is always full of people, as a touristic attraction. So if you want to get your shot without anyone behind you, you need to wait the right moment or going in early hours.

Located in the middle of Central Park (which is your number one place to visit in New York!) there’s Bethesda Fountain with its terrace. The terrace is overlooking the lake in Central Park, and it’s been the location of many and many movies during the years. The particularity of this terrace is that it’s made of granite on the inside and herringbone pattern paving of Roman brick in its lower passage. This is also a very romantic spot for proposals!

How to get there: it is literally in the middle of Central Park (so coming from the National History Museum), the good thing is that there are a lot of signages around the park pointing to the right directions. Rent a bike if you want and ride through the entire park.

Make sure to also visit while you’re there Balto’ statue, Alice in Wonderland’ statue, the Loeb Boathouse.

More than 40 scenes of movies are been recorded in New York Central Station, and when you walk in, you feel in one of them. All the screens with the destination, the famous gold clock, it’s simply magic!

Back in 1947, more than 65 million people travelled through Grand Central Terminal, when taking fly to move across the country was no easy and quite expensive.

How to get there: Take the undergroud line purple or green, stop name Gran Central, and then go up to the train station.

This iconic building is located in the West Village which per se is such a lovely spot in New York, full of these type of buildings. Be careful some actual people that live in that building so try not to sit there and try not to bother them when you go there. It’s quite busy during the day as well. I went early afternoon (I think right after lunch). I went twice, because the first time was raining so badly you couldn’t even see the street.

How to get there: 66 Perry Street.

Any fans of Ghostbusters? Here the spot you were looking for.

The original firehouse company 8 Hooks and Ladders.

The firehouse was chosen because writer Dan Aykroyd knew the area and liked the building. Today, the fire station operates as normal thanks to different supporters for the rebuild from 2016-2018. 

Did you know that they were the first station to respond to the critical moment of the 09/11 attack? Impressive!

how to get there: the address is 14 North Moore Street, Tribeca. I got there taking the underground stop in Franklin Street, red line 1 or 2, getting off to the main street Varick street.

You probably have seen it in any book, magazine, movie, tv shows of New York. It’s definitely one of the most famous places and tourist attractions in the world, and yes it is exactly as the pictures show it. Time Square is literally a square with more than 50 led lights that illuminate one of the busiest streets in New York City. The perfect Instagram spot for your pictures thanks to them either if you go there by day or by night (go there in the evening is magical!). This was me the first night in New York you can see the excitement was real.

How to get there: Midtown, Broadway and Seventh Ave

Welcome to Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theater! Where Stars are Born and Legends are Made!

Apollo Theather.

Situated at 253 West 125th Street, in Harlem. The Apollo was a burlesque theatre back in 1914, were only offered an opportunity to the white performer to perform. Then in 1933 burlesque was banned and the theatre had to shut down. In 1934 the Apollo Theater reopened giving opportunity also to the African-American performer of the Harlem community, becoming the greatest theatre proving a cultural, social, and artistic explosion of the African-American middle class, driving a strong link to the civil rights movement.

How to get there: Metro 125th Street, line A, B, C, D (orange and blue line). 

Have you ever wondered where one of the most famous apartments from the 90s was located? Well, I can show it to you. The infamous Friend’s apartment is located literally in the middle of Greenwich Village. Although they were filming on a set, the apartment exterior is exactly the same as this one, hence this easily became a must-see spot when you go to New York. It’s busy all the time, but across the street is the perfect Instagram spot.

How to get there: 90 Bedford St.

One of the spots where all the local are hanging out during summer or just to have a lovely walk during the sunny warm weekends is Coney Island. 

Situated Down Brooklyn, Coney Island has the famous Luna park with the Wonder Wheel and the cyclone roller coaster!

How to get there: take the underground, stop name: Coney Island- Stillwell av Station. Line orange D and F or yellow N and Q. About a 6 min walk, you will see the Luna park where you can take this shot and then have an amazing walk on the beach, eating ice cream and taking some fresh air out from the smog of the city!

While you’re still wandering around Central Park, why don’t you go to the east side and visit another one of the most iconic spots in NYC? The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art), is literally located in the Upper East Side of New York (yes another Gossip Girl’s reference!). It’s filled with history from the floor to the ceilings, full of exhibitions and did you know it is also the fifth most visited museum in the world? The Instagram iconic spot is undoubtedly the steps.

The ticket is 25$ and I suggest you buy it in advance (or you can buy a city pass and the entrance is included!). Also, another fun fact is about the Gala, hosted by Anna Wintour every first Monday in May, that celebrates fashion and art.

How to get there: the closest subway station is 85th Street Lexington Ave Station.

An unmissable stop is the Empire State Building!

The Art Deco skyscraper was built between 1930 – 1931, was one of the tallest building in the city until the construction of the World Trade Center. Did you know that ‘Empire State’ is a nickname for the state of New York? 

I took this photo on the inside before getting to the balcony.

How to get there: Subway Station: 34th street – Herald square. Line B, D, F, M, N, Q, R, W. Situated between the 5th evenue and 34th Street. You need to purchase a ticket to get on the top, you can buy it online or directly at the entry.

I hope you enjoyed our guide, leave a comment 🙂

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