NYC – where to eat and to drink!

A small guide for you, of places that we experienced in NYC:

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? We cover them all! 

IHOP is a Californian chain, everywhere in the US. In average is not expensive, from $9.99 to $19.99 for a rich breakfast and the portion are quite big. Amazing Milkshakes and pancakes!

Perfect place for every time of the day!

Easy to find on your maps app on your phone, as soon you type IHOP it will give you all the location near you.

Clinton Street Baking.

For Pancakes fans, that’s the right place!

I had the best pancakes of my life, I ordered Pancakes Banana Walnut with warm Marple. It was around $16.00 but more than worth it. And of course, Lemonade! Another American Must in Summer.

Harlem Shake.

I love this place! The interior represents Harlem’s culture and community. The “Wall of Fame” is crowded with autographed headshots of celebrities including P.Diddy, Asap Rocky, Maya Angelou, Remy Ma, and Janelle Monae. The “Wall of Fro” shows off the fabulous afro hairstyles of Harlem Shake customers.

Buy from Burgers to Salads, and numerous series of Organic Shakes, my favourite! You can sit in or outside! Definitely one of the best places I experienced in NYC!

Swallow Cafe.

Amazing spot for breakfast, typical NYC breakfast, a different variety of Bagels and coffee, I tried also this amazing Whole nuts muffin and my lovely cold brew!

Who said that you can find the best Pizza only in Italy?

Roberta’s in Brooklyn is one of the best places to eat pizzas as you are in Italy! 

The price is on average for the city, one Margherita was $20, but I need to say it as Italian, I can tell is a really tasty pizza! The location is inspiring, they have a garden and a bar section, and if you are not fancy a night out you can order take away too. 

Located on 6th Avenue, near the Rockefeller Centre, Trump Tower, a few minutes down from Central Park. If you fancy a proper Italian pasta, here comes Casa Barilla. I found it while a was walking randomly nearby and I instantly felt like at home. Amazing customer service, reasonable prices and massively good pasta plates! You can choose how you want your past and your menu. If you fancy something Italian but not too pricey give them a go, you won’t be disappointed! Mushroom pasta was my favourite dish.

Do you love Japanese food as much as I do? Well, there you go. New York has got a massively long list of Asian restaurants, one of the most famous? Nobu. An international chain, from Mr Armani nonetheless that mix elegance and Asian food like no one as could’ve. I love to have fancy dinners everywhere I go at least for one evening. The experience overall was really good, amazing customer service and lovely people. It is slightly overpriced for some of the plates, and it’s always fully booked (we booked two weeks in advance). The atmosphere is really elegant, we did dress up a bit which was quite funny. But I highly recommend it if you visit New York. Did we see any celebrities? Yes indeed but the place is quite dark which gives the right privacy to everyone. (Location 57th street, literally minutes away from the 5th avenue Central Park and the Trump Tower)

Another delicious thing that I love to eat is Poke, the Hawaiian bowl that conquered my heart in a second. Again, New York as a multicultural city has got a massive list of Poke restaurants. Few of my favourite places that I tried in New York, are Wisefish if you are in Chelsea, it’s roughly 11$ for a bowl and it’s an Instagram place for food with all its lights I mean even their menu its Instagram-able. They’ve got another branch in Tribeca as well (which is a cool area for a night out!) Hawaii Style and The Zissou are my favourite ones from that place. Pokeworks was another one of my favourite, price wise the same as Wisefish and it’s a chain that you can find pretty much all over New York. I went to the one in Bryant Park and I took the Hawaiian Ahi Classic.

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