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No matter if you are a beauty guru or a newbie, face rollers and gua sha can’t be missed in your routine! All over Instagram for aesthetically pleasing shots and not only as a new trend, these two pieces are actually really useful for your at home facials and massages!

Now I recently discovered them thanks to Instagram I’m not gonna lie, some of my favourite beauty blogger and skincare guru were using them and decided to gift it to myself for my birthday not too long ago. However, according to the Chinese culture this crystal has been used from a very long time (ancient times) as a healer which is still very popular in their medicine, and it’s also associated with the heart chakra. For the indian culture chakra is an area for spiritual power in the body. The heart chakra, specifically, is a sign of joy and unconditional love. Many people believe that using rose quartz can help bring love and healing into one’s life.

I got my roller and gua-sha from Enamorada, but you can find them anywhere and they all swear to do the same thing to your face, magic!

I got both rose quartz facial roller and gua sha, and yes I use them both. Rose quartz roller is specifically made to support the lymphatic drainage which in results reduce puffiness and wrinkles. The whole purpose of these two tools is to relax and de-stress which is why I use it in the evening, to relax after a long day.  relaxing and de-stressing. It feels so cool on the skin it really is magic. As mentioned above, I use it every night after putting on my facial oil, and it really relax me. Also yes I can confirm the reducing of wrinkles and puffiness, after using every evening for a while.  It’s made from real rose quartz stone and my skin is genuinely glowing after using it.

What are the benefits from using quartz?

Quartz improves blood circulation, reduce puffiness, eye bags, dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles. It eliminates toxins and helps the absorption of oils and moisturisers. It relaxes facial muscles and relieves tensions, ad because of the naturally cold stone it tightens pores. Obviously these needs to be used as part of a skincare regime, not alone as they won’t work. Don’t expect magic by using just them.

How to use them?

After cleansing my face as usual, I put my facial oil and then use the facial roller. Outwards movement are the key. I put a slight pressure and start from my throat to under my chin at first, for 5 times. Then I move from my chin to my ears (to relax my jawbone) for roughly 10 times each side, using the big end of the roller. Moving up to my cheeks, same amount of time from my side nose to the end of my cheekbones each side. Lastly I go up to my forehead and roll with a slight pressure from the middle of my forehead to the end. With the gua-sha I relax my eyebrows. In the morning, I de-puff my eyes by using the smaller end of the roller, a couple of times each side. Wash your roller and gua-sha after each use with warm water and soap.

You might notice the appearance of spots around your chin / jaw area which is normal after using it the first time (not normal anymore if they don’t disappear). Same for redness in your skin, it will last for around 1-2 minutes and it’s because of the pressure applied. Tips: Put your roller in your refrigerator before using it for major results. It will also support the natural collagen production and help with sinus issues. I sometimes put it directly in the sunlight, to kind of rechard the crystal.

Did you know?

Jade roller are also commonly used for the same purpose of rose quartz (you might find them also slightly cheaper). However, they tend to get the room temperature so they’re not as cold as rose quartz, which means they slightly don’t function when it comes to lymphatic drainage. Also rose quartz contains magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen that your skin will thank you for when absorbing them. Rose quartz usually last longer then jade because harder.

Disclaimer: all the links produced in this article are not sponsored whatsoever, but are coming from my researches and personal taste. I don’t take any commission or money by linking them.

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