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I know, I know, this situation is not ideal when it comes to going out to eat. However, I thought it would be good to write a list of what our favourite places in London are. Just in case, you know, borders are open if you ever want to spend a few days here you know where to go!

London, like New York and any other big city around the world, has got a place for every taste! From vegan, to burgers, to Italian restaurants or Thai you can find anything that you want and more. Here’s just a few of our favourites:

Elan Cafe: It has 5 or 6 branches around London, I usually go to the one in Brompton Road or the one in Hans Crescent (literally outside Harrods!). What to love about it? The interiors! It’s gorgeous, the one near Harrods especially with its unicorns and walls made of candies, it looks like you’re in a fairytale. Price wise it’s a tad expensive but you need to consider obviously the menu, the locations, the environment. What to order if you are a first timer? I personally adore their Blue Sapphire Latte (which has matcha, blue petals, and crushed sapphire) and their Sicilian Chicken Sandwich, which reminds me of Italy with chicken, lemon, tomatoes

Peggy Porschen: If you love cakes this is the place to go! They have two branches, Belgravia and Chelsea and it’s literally every cake lover’s heaven! I had to queue a bit, as it’s a bit small inside but it’s worth every second that you wait outside. They sell also all the cooking stuff including books if you want to try and make their recipes! I ordered a caramel latte and a rocky road on my first visit there!

Ballie Ballerson: East Londoners I’m talking to you. This is the place to go for a fun night out with friends! It’s a ball pit cocktail bar with two branches, one in Shoreditch and a newly opened in Soho. You pay 10£ for a ticket and there you go, you start the fan. You have access for you and your friends to the pit, and you can go to the bar having a drink or two. Music is very nice as well, and the whole atmosphere is fun. Definitely 10/10 for a fun night out in the city.

Alto by San Carlo: I happened to go there just for a Spritz with some friends, I left that place in love with it. It’s a rooftop located on top of Selfridges, and it’s Italian. It’s slightly expensive, but obviously you have to consider location, their menu and the name also. I ordered a spritz and then I shared with my friends a pizza and some other nibbles. The service was unbelievable, very friendly and present. I suggest it to everyone if they want to try something different.

Pizza Pilgrims: From an Italian living abroad, this is absolutely the best pizza place you can find in London. They’re a bunch of guys from Naples, bringing to you the whole Italian experience. Pizza made only with Italian ingredients, the atmosphere is amazing and a Margherita with buffalo mozzarella is just 10£. A bargain isn’t it? They are all around London, but my favourite one is their branch in Kingly Court just  round the corner from Regent Street.

Farm Girl Cafe: Health focused cafè, fresh food Australian style! They are literally all over London, my favourite branch is in Notting Hill, which is literally behind a church making the place so cool. They’re famous for their coffee, in which they put always cute designs. Their interiors are so stylish, it’s such a great place to spend a few hours during the day. Chicken sandwich, Salmon sandwich and their latte are just few of my favourite things to eat there!

Said dal 1923: It is absolutely the best coffe shop and they do the best chocolate in London. It’s an Italian place, using Italian ingredients and you can find it in Soho and Fitzrovia. It’s quite small inside and cute, with a huge display of brownies, pastries, chocolate. The best thing? If you ask for a hot chocolate, they will put the chocolate in a cup and then all over it! Isn’t it absolutely delicious?

Duck & Waffle: Just like the Shard, the view is the main attraction! Duck and Waffle is open 24h so if you fancy some food after your night out or you want to get an early breakfast, place is open and ready for you. As long as you book a table before! The whole experience is very elegant, you get into the glass elevator all the way up to the 42nd floor, and then no matter your table, the view is unbelievable! I went for both breakfast, as you can see from the picture, and after a night out ordering their unbelievably good calamari!

Coya: Peruvian food lovers? This one is for you! It’s a restaurant in Mayfair but if you like it and you travel you can find it in Monte Carlo, Dubai, Mykonos. Anywhere! It’s a proper fancy place, so I suggest you to dress up a little bit. They’ve got traditional Peruvian dishes using Japanese, Chinese and Spanish cooking tecniques. Also very good drinks!! Try their baby squid with Peruvian marigold and quinoa as appetiser or the Chilean sea bass croquettes. Then move onto some Peruvian sashimi, delicious!

The Shard: I absolutely adore this building. The view from here is spectacular. You have to book in advance because it’s always fully booked as it’s a tourist attraction, however, once you get it you won’t regret anything. From the staff, to the food, and if you’re lucky the view. It’s a unique experience that everyone should do in London at least once. It’s again, another fancy place to go, so do please dress up as they have a dress code.

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