What to pack: beauty edition

It’s possibly the hardest thing to pack when it comes to travelling. No matter the length of your travel, beauty essentials are never easy, especially for someone who’s a lover as much as me. My beauty cabinet is filled with serums, cleansers, moisturisers, that I can never decide. Tip: if you buy products online usually you get some free sample sizes with your purchase, keep them aside because trust me you will need them! Also, try to purchase some travel size packages and always leave some product in there (keep in mind expiring date for open products!)

Why it’s important to bring your favourites on the road? Because your skin already love them and it benefits from them, which means that it will be super easy to adjust to a different environment when using the same products.

Hardest part of packing beauty essential, is for sure, which product to bring when downsizing your million steps skincare routine. First thing first, always bring some sheet masks. Extremely light to pack, you can have them in your bag as well, and work as good as creamy masks. Here you go, you are already few steps ahead.

I usually avoid to bring with me facial oils, and limit myself only to two serums (usually I take with me the most important in my routine, which personally are, retinol and acid hyaluronic). I put them into specific little bottles and bring them with me everywhere I go.

Glossier mini milk jelly is my holiday cleanser. Very affordable and perfect size for travelling. I also buy micellar water, to use it as first step of my cleansing routine.

Must have in my beauty bag are SPF and lip balm. I don’t leave my house without it, so I always have a mini ready to be packed.

Another must have for me is dry shampoo, a miracle for my hair on holidays! Batiste is a favourite of mine

So to recap! In my carry on, only minis, ideally moisturiser because our skin gets super dry while travelling, and a good cool eye gel. A few sheet masks (if it’s a long haul flight, for example when I did my lovely 9 hours to go to NYC!), and the most important product for me, my lip balm.

In my checked bag, everything else that I can absolutely live without but it’s still good to bring on holidays (curler, iron), and my make up. I tend to travel make up free, and also I’m pretty sure we don’t need mascara while on the road. I absolutely avoid to bring with me tons of serum, I always bring with me SPF and my vitamin c. Also pay attention to some of the products we use usually, because they don’t really go well with sun!

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