Travel during Covid-19: What you should know

Finally, the first countries started to reopen to tourists, so before you travel there are few things you should know, so you have an idea of what to aspect.

Many countries still have their borders closed while Europe starts to reopen for a few countries with the not high number of cases increased.
But notice, still a temporary status, so do insurance on your fly in case you cannot travel anymore due to quarantine or your situation change.

Before booking your ticket, make sure you check if it’s safe travelling to the destination you want

Unfortunately, we still no free from the pandemic, the current world situation it’s evolving all the time, the cases are increasing and decreasing. Keep yourself update all the time, following the guidelines of the government.

Bring more than one face mask

The Face cover is now mandatory in most of the countries. As a guide, masks can last up to four hours, so remember to bring enough for the duration of your trip.

See if you can do a check-in online for your fly

Due to the new measures for customers travelling, as such a scanning temperature, some fly companies decide to do a temperature check on the way to the check-in gate, which makes you waist some more time than usual check-in before. If your temperature is higher than usual, the flight company can reserve the discretion to not accepting you on board.
Make sure you arrive at least two hours before your flight to avoid any problem.

Make sure to fill up the security form

Also part of the new security procedures, you have to complete a Health Declaration form at check-in before arriving at the destination. Just check if you had Covid-19, or if you have been in contact with someone that had the virus, etc.

You can check on the government website or at the airport before you depart.

Respect other people space

As different measures for a different country, make sure to respect everyone space. Avoid contact with people when possible to keep yourself and other people safe.

bring a bolt for your hand luggage

Also based on companies and Health Security measures, you may be asked to check-in your allowed bag for security reason.
I suggest bringing one tote bag with you for the fly so you can take with you on the plane everything you need.

I hope your next flight will be safe, and I would like to hear about your experience!

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