Revolutionary facials at home: brush edition!

Facial cleansers tools are quite the revolution in skincare. People got over the heels about them a couple of years ago, and although we arrived slightly late to the party, we fell in love too. It’s the easiest way to do a facial at home. Pamper yourself without having to leave the comfort of your bathroom. We usually use ours every day, in the evening.

What is a cleanser tool and what do they do?

Well the definition is quite straightforward, these are tools that clean your skin. They not only remove make up and clean it, they are also used for exfoliation. It has been proved that they can clean the skin more deeply than cloths. There’s a lot of different brushes in the market at the moment, our favourite is possibly the sonic one. What is sonic? Well, the brush works with oscillations, which means that vibration or rotation push dirt and grimes out of pores for a deep cleansing, hence why we said a good facial at home! Our favourite brush is the Clean Sense Moon brush. It’s a soft silicone brush, combined with 8 speed motor that massage and scrub the skin.

How to use it?

We cleanse our face removing make up including our eyes, and then we use a bit of cleanser gel into it and we move it into small circular motions against our skin. Make sure you don’t press to hard, don’t be too harsh on your skin or you’ll get redness. We start from the forehead moving down to cheeks, t-zone, jaw and neck. We literally avoid the eye area as it’s a very delicate zone. We use it for around a minute on a moderate speed. If you’ve got sensitive skin just use once a day. Good thing about the Moon brush is that the battery lasts roughly 60 days! After using it, just clean it with a tad of warm water to prevent bacteria build up. Also the brush is completely waterproof which means that it will not get ruined.

Why do we love it?

It’s a game changer in skincare routine. Your skin will feel much clearer after using it, smooth and lighter. Our skin feels really fresh and plumped, and we overall feel better! We also stick to our two step cleansing every night, thanks to this lovely machine. And let’s be honest have you checked the colors? So cute and pretty! It’s also very light and small, perfect for travelling. We highly recommend it!

Have you tried any of the cleanser brushes? Any thoughts about it? Any tips you would like to share? It the comment button below!

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