Our Best Buys: summer edition!

Summer is officially over (is it not?), soon people will go back to school, uni, work. Personally, my favourite season is coming (autumn with cozy blankets, clothes and drinks!) It was quite a weird summer for us this year, living abroad and not going anywhere was a struggle for us. Not being able to see our parents, to travel, to see our friends living back at home was not easy. But we managed, we recharged our batteries a bit and we’re ready for whatever it is to come! Our motto is to always be positive and keep a positive mindset, so here we are.

We used this time to experiment, upgrade and try some summer products and we finally came up with our best beauty buys for this summer!

Sun Protection Factor. This is your must product not only for summer but all year around. Introduce your SPF into your skincare routine as soon as possible. UV rays (which are present even on cloudy days) are one of the causes for skin ageing, brown spots, wrinkles, dull complexion and even skin cancer. SPF not only protects you from UVA/UVB rays but also if your skin is damaged (say you’re starting to use retinol which recreate skin cells, SPF helps your skin to create a barrier and protect it!) Make sure that your SPF is always 30 or higher for a complete protection.  

I personally use this Bondi Sand SPF 50+, because I’ve got quite sensitive skin and I tend to burn myself rather than tan when I’m at the beach. All year around I use the 30 version though (I use the same factor on my face as well).

The easiest way to apply it by using it as a moisturiser (before my make up on my face). On my body, I apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure, and re apply it every two hours (only if you’re outdoors). No SPF are waterproof, this is so important to know, as many are mistaken that applying it once is enough. It might be water resistant but never waterproof. If water resistant then you’re covered for roughly 40 minutes after you get into water.

How to choose it? If your skin tends to get oily or combination, it’s best to use one with a light texture, maybe a synthetic one which tends to absorbs UV rays and turns them into heat which is then released back from skin, try to apply it 15 to 30 minutes before exposure. If your skin is dry then try to use a mineral one because of its natural ingredients, they work really quick so you can apply it immediately before going out and it will work just fine.

I’m obsessed with lip products, because lips are literally my favourite part of my body. I take really good care of them, especially during summer when they tend to become dry easily. I moisturise them every day and scrub them two to three times a week.

To moisturise them I use various balms, but at the moment I’m loving my Carmex lip balm with spf 15. It maintains my lips hydrated at all times and they won’t get burnt or dry from the sun. My lips are extra smooth and nourished and it contains vitamins and aloe vera, which is always good. As a scrub I’m loving at the moment Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator by Fresh. It’s a hydrating lip scrub that smoothes dry lips leaving them moisturised. Shea butter and jojoba oil are used for the smoothness and the real brown sugar crystal removes all the flakes. So it exfoliates, smoothes and moisturise our lips. You just massage a small amount onto your lips and then remove it with a damp washcloth. You can use it as a lip mask as well by leaving it on for a few minutes.

I already discussed about it in my previous post. This year I joined the fake tan movement, because I couldn’t bear to see myself extremely pale. After lots of researches, I found out my favourite one, The Isle of Paradise. I’ve seen this brand all over social media during the years, and always been fascinated by the colors but mostly their range. It’s a UK based, vegan, cruelty free and organic tan brand. If you go over on their website is all about body positivity, inclusivity.

Their range comes in mousse, drops and water, and in three shades Light, Medium and Dark. I choose the Medium one because of my skin tone and because I wanted a good natural glow, not too light and not too dark considering my skin tone and the fact the we’re on lockdown so it’s unlikely that my dark glow is a result of a holiday. I also went for the water bottle rather than mousse or drops. I use it on my body and on my face, and I love it because it’s transparent so it doesn’t get into my clothes. Also I feel like it’s lighter compared to the mousse and I don’t necessarily need to use a mitt. The color of this water is greenish, because the isle of paradise products are color correcting, which means that the green will cover any redness that exist on my body and give me a natural uniform gold color, also it’s flattering to any skin tone and it adapts to it, which means that it will be different in everyone. Another good thing is that there’s coconut, which hydrate my skin and it smells gorgeous as well.

How I use it: Shower and exfoliate my body with a scrub 24 hours before using the tan. Make sure your skin is properly moisturised especially dry areas as you want it uniform and not spotty. I spray the tan all over my body, washing my hands thoroughly after each application in order not to tan the back of my hands as well. The tan will develop between 4 to 6 hours, which makes it perfect to apply in the evening before bed and then washing it in the morning to make it even.

Chances that my skin gets extremely dry during summer are high, hence why I take good care of my body as well, especially after sun. Most important thing to do to keep your body hydrated is obviously to drink a lot of water. You would be surprised on how much your skin changed and is thankful for that 1 or 2 bottles you drink per day. As well as exercising at least 1 hour per day, every day if possible.

Bali Body has got the perfect range of products for my skin, both tanning and hydrating. Their products contains natural and nourishing ingredients, it’s an Australian vegan friendly brand.

The Natural Tanning and Body Oil soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin with a light SPF and it can be used daily as body oil.

The Watermelon Tanning Oil is possibly my favourite, smells divine and again there’s SPF in it. You can easily achieve a natural tan with this hydrating and natural oil. The watermelon seed extract naturally enhance melanin and you smell fruity fresh.

These are our top products, what’s yours? Comment below!

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