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Sicily is always on the bucket list when it comes to beautiful places, good food and chilling vibe. For some country, summer is over, but not for all! Sicily still carry warm weather until the end of September and restart the beginning of May, so get ready to depart and enjoy the island!

We are going through some of the beautiful beaches that the island offers, also some of my favourite.

Isola Bella

location : 37°51’01.8″N 15°18’02.7″E

Isola Bella is one of my favourite areas. The ground is mainly in stones, there is the option for sunbed for chilling, or you can find your spot along the river. Also, the Island has the Naturalistic Museum that can be visited almost every day, and the ticket is as little as 4 euro.

While chilling in Isola Bella and taking your best shots, you can be inspired and have a boat tour around the island, visiting all the caves around the bay.

How to get there:

Renting a car is the easiest way to get to any place in Sicily, saving a lot of time. However, busses are departing from big cities and train working every day but not well connected with most of the best spots. If you want to go by public transport, the easy way is going to Taormina and the take ferry or local bus.


location : 37°04’44.8″N 15°17’56.6″E

Siracusa is one of the biggest and beautiful cities in Sicily, offers a different number of activities and between that, a boat trip to the caves around. The area is mainly stones or rocks, marvellous for swimmers lovers and underwater activities.

How to get there:

Siracusa is well connected if you land in Catania as is only one hour by bus, departing from the central station of Catania and arriving in the centre of the city. Siracusa is well connected if you land in Catania, as is only one hour by bus, departing from the central station of Catania and arriving in the centre of the city. You can also travel by train for one hour and 20 minutes journey.

Scala dei Turchi

location : 37°17’24.3″N 13°28’23.1″E

From 2007 in Unesco heritage list, Scala dei Turchi is located along Realmonte, Province of Agrigento. The white cliff and the transparent water create a suggestive space where to enjoy some sunburn. Following the latest news, the cliff is unstable and no safe to climb, but you can still enjoy the view from the street on top of it, and the beach.

How to get there:

The best way to reach Scala dei Turchi is by car, as you can enjoy the beautiful view along the way. From Catania and Palermo is around 2 hours and 9 minutes, but the closest City to reach scala dei Turchi is Agrigento, only 23 minutes. Instead, if you prefer public transport, there are a series of busses running every day from Agrigento, Catania and Palermo. The price average is 30 euro.

Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro

location : 38°06’04.7″N 12°47’46.5″E

Riserva Naturale Dello Zingaro is located in San Vito lo Capo area, in the north-west area of Sicily. The Natural reserve has different accesses and in every entry, they will provide for you a map to move around it.

The area has some paths to follow that leads you to the caves and coves where to swim and relax. Also, they arrange different activities during the year that I would advise you to follow on their website before your departure.

How to get there:

The area is easy to reach by any means of transport. From Catania is almost 4 hours trip but good news, this time is really close to Palermo, so I will recommend you to sleep around the area, to make easy and short your journey to the natural reserve.


location : 36°44’39.2″N 15°07’02.4″E

Marzamemi is one of the small villages of the area, and it’s situated next to Vendicari natural reserve (also really worth it to visit!). Characteristic is the clean water and mix of sand and rocks all along the village. The centre is also full of restaurants and local shops and also a famous spot for nightlife during summertime.

How to get there:

Marzamemi is on the south-east area of Sicily. Take the highway to Rosolini, and then exit to Noto, carry on to Marzamemi, once you are there, is easy to find parking. By Bus, you can take one from Syracusa to Marzamemi in one hour time.

San Lorenzo

location : 36°46’24.3″N 15°05’53.5″E

You should know that San Lorenzo is well known for the expanse of sand and the parties on the beach during the San Lorenzo night on the 10th of August, just for sleep on the beach, drink with friends and play some music hoping to catch a shooting star up in the sky. This particular spot is after the long beach and is more for resident only, but still, impossible to get rid of sand mixed with stones making this spot the one that I love the most.

How to get there:

San Lorenzo, unfortunately, cannot be reached by bus, the only way is by car taking the A18 to Rosolini, exit Noto, and looking for San Lorenzo beach sign.


location : 38°02’28.8″N 14°01’16.8″E

Cefalù located about 70 km from Palermo and 179Km from Catania and one of the most visited places in Sicily. Long and clear sandy beaches are characteristic of the area, the small city is marked from the Normandie influence that makes the streets and the area unique.

How to get there:

Cefalù is close to Palermo, easy to reach by car or train or bus in about one hour. If you go by car from Palermo, take the highway A20 to Messina and then take the exit Cefalù.

From Catania is around 2 hours and 10 min journey. First, take the A19 exit Palermo and then A20 exit in Cefalù. The area is full of parking and easy to walk around.


location : 36°38’48.6″N 15°04’47.2″E

Portopalo located at the most southern spot of Sicily has one of the most characteristic and suggestive areas. In the picture, you can see the beach in front of the “Isola delle Correnti”. You can decide to visit the small island, by walk. The sea covers you up to your waist, so you can still across the underwater bridge and relax with the view of clean water.

How to get there:

Portopalo is one and half hour from Catania, taking the E45 and follow the sign for Portopalo, also busses departing from the Central Station of Catania every day.

I wouldn’t recommend to travel from Palermo as it’s almost 4 hours of journey by car, book an overnight stay in Ragusa or Siracusa and travel from there.

Giardini Naxos

location : 37°50’04.5″N 15°16’19.0″E

We are coming to the end of my favourites spots around the Island. Giardini Naxos is characteristic of having stones underwater and mix with sand. All the coast from Fiumefreddo to Isola Bella has this characteristic and it’s all worth one stop. The water gets high quickly and you don’t have to go far away to get a proper bath.

How to get there:

Giardini is extended along the est coast of Sicily. Well connected with Messina and Catania: only 39 min of the journey by car and one hour by bus or train. As for Portopalo, I wouldn’t recommend to travel from Palermo as it’s three hours of journey by car, in this case, book an overnight stay in Catania and travel from there or in Giardini itself.

We are coming to the end of my small guide, after being in Sicily for a while I can tell all the coasts are worth to explore. There are so many natural places to see that one week is not enough! I would like to hear where you been to and which one is your favourite place.

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