London’s best rooftop bars!

It’s time for another favourite list of mine: best rooftops in London! During my time living in the big city, discovering rooftops was one of my favourite things to do. They’re the places in which you can fully see the city and let me tell you views are breathtaking. With all these new government rules, it’s definitely not the ideal time to visit one of these places, but please do save these names in case you want to visit the city and experience it from the top. 

Anyway here’s a small list of my favourite places to grab a drink after work or spend some quality time with your friends / partners! Worth the mention are of course The Shard and Sky Garden, pretty touristic spots in which you can eat, drink or just visit. 

FRANK’S CAFE, Peckham SE15 4ST

You go up through an old garage, but not a normal one, a pink garage! Everything is pink all the way to the top in this cute rooftop in South East. The view is spectacular from the top, you can see almost the whole city! This bar is part of Bold Tendencies art gallery and it has been specifically commissioned. You can see other pieces while sipping your negroni (which they’re kind of famous for!). Entrance is free and there’s long tables for you to sit and enjoy!

SKYLIGHT, Tobacco Dock, E1W 2SF

A really nice terrace open all year with different events according to the season. I suggest you to go during winter as they put igloos as well as heated boots! You can play also croquet, ping pong as well as enjoying a massive covered space!

THE NEST, Marylebone, W1B 2QS

It’s on the 16th floor of the TreeHouse Hotel in Marylebone and you have a 360 degree view of the city just in front of you, no matter where you sit. The atmosphere is very calm, I’ve been there for a late breakfast (make sure you book your table as it’s not open the whole day), but it’s quite cute cause it literally seems you’re inside a nest. The main focus is sustainability, which is the message the hotel wants to bring up.


On the top of ME Hotel, it’s quite central and a very trendy location if you want to celebrate something. Literally in front of you, you can see Central London and iconic places such as Somerset House. The atmosphere is lovely, there’s plenty of space inside as well and a DJ! Definitely recommend it!


Been there almost by mistake during a night out in the city. It’s at the top of the Dorsett City Hotel. It’s a lovely cocktail bar, with a luxurious vibe and an amazing view of the skyline. There’s a balcony-like terrace and a bar serving carefully curated, unique and well prepared cocktails.

ALTO BY SAN CARLO, Selfridges, W1A 1AB

Staying central? After a good shopping session inside the luxurious and iconic Selfridges, go all the way to the top floor for a cocktail Italian style at this lovely pergola rooftop by San Carlo. It’s an Italian restaurant opened all day, serving the best Aperol Spritz I had in London. The view is amazing, the staff is lovely and charming and the atmosphere is magical (walls filled with lemons anyone? Straight out of an Italian 1950s movie!).  


It’s the only rooftop bar in London in which all the profits go straight to Bootstrap Charity, to empower young people and businesses. If you ever been to New York you will find a resemblance to the High Line, because It’s inspired by that architecture, the aim was to transform an old roof into a garden (just like the High Line in NYC). The view is fantastic, between Victorian buildings in Hackney and London’ skylines. You can relax, eat, drink, and support a massively good cause!

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