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Since joining the faboulous world of skincare, I read and studied a lot about different cultures and different skincare’s views. A very interesting one, and one that I tried and implemented in my skincare, is for sure the Korean one.

Asian people consider aesthetic appearance as the most important appearance for a person, they think that it reflects their personality. It’s literally a way of thinking and living. They take good care of their skin in order to live a good life.

Let’s start by saying that you don’t need to buy Korean products, although I will suggest some that I either used or I want to try, but you will need to follow some easy steps, the right one for you and your skin and that’s it, magic is done! I can tell you that a good skincare can be done in only 10 minutes! Crazy right? First thing first to know is that they tend to use the lighter product first and then finish with the heaviest one. So prepare, regenerate, hydrate, treatment, protection.

Okay so before going further, let me make sure that all these steps you don’t need to do them everyday, twice a day. Some yes, such as cleansing, but masks for example or peelings its according to your own skin. I do mask Sunday, every week, but I do the peeling twice a month (still on a Sunday and instead of the mask).

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The steps:

  • Cleansing: make up remover, cleansing oil. This is the first step, you choose the one more appropriate for your skin and work on your face every evening. Why double cleansing? With the cleansing oil you remove all make up and dirt from the day, with the second cleansing (which should be definitely water based) you remove the residue of your make up and dirt. I do this every evening and ONLY in the evening using: Versed – Day Dissolve Cleansing balm (absolutely my favourite) and then the Fresh – Soy Face Cleanser. Another oil cleanser could be the Make Up Removing Oil from Caudalie! But, feel free to use whatever your skin needs and whatever you prefer. In the morning, I just wash my face with water and use the ordinary squalane cleanser. Also please if you’ve got oily skin use the oil cleanser only on your eyes and lips, otherwise your skin will become more oily.
  • Toner:  You need it to balance your skin’s pH levels, otherwise you risk drying and dehydrating your skin. also toner will help with the absorption of the next step of your skincare. I use the Pixi Glow Tonic , sometimes I also use the Q&A toner.
  • Exfoliation: which is what I do twice a month. Can be chemical or mechanical. I really want to try Klairs products when it comes to exfoliations, as it’s a Korean brand and who better than them? However, I use either the Versed Overnight Facial Peel, or The Ordinary AHA + BHA peeling solution. Also, bear in mind that I do exfoliation only in the evening as it’s quite strong and your skin needs to breathe after.
  • Masks: Again, this to be done on a weekly basis or according to your skin needs. I absolutely adore every type of masks, sheets if I don’t have time because their quicker to use, but I also love creamy ones. At the moment, my favourite are: Versed Purifying and Hydrating masks but also Pixi mud mask and Holika Holika (which is another Korean brand, I recommend from this brand also the aloe products) when it comes to sheet masks.
  • Essence, Serum: Right I wasn’t really using Essences before (which are hydrating) but I implemented serums in my skincare routine. This step is for specific products and formulations used to target a specific problem of your skin. I use for example: retinol serum, once a week, vitamin c serum every morning. However, there’s many many more: hydrating serums, glycolic serums, brightening serums. Literally, up to you! I use hydrating essence before serum for example. Also with retinol pay attention and don’t mix it with anything else.
  • Eyes: right, for me this is the most important step of my routine. Under eyes are my biggest problem, I want to target my dark circle (hello stress!), the appearance of fine lines (not a teen anymore!) so I pay particular attention to this step. First of all, I’m drinking loads of water (my skin is so thankful for this) and I eliminated some food from my diet to help my system. Skincare wise, I use patches once a week (Mask Sunday!) and the Emergency Fix eye mask from Versed, which let me tell you is a lifesaver. Retinol serum is the only serum I apply near my eyes area (retinol helps with reducing the appearance of wrinkles, but please keep in mind it’s a very strong one so introduce it in your skincare slowly as you don’t know how your skin will react!).  To help reducing the darkness in my under eye zone I use caffeine products (such as the ordinary!), which works magic for me. In the morning I use the vitamin C eye cream from Pixi.
  • Face Moisturiser: Right this needs to be used daily , twice a day. You can use the same one both morning and evening if you apply after SPF (in the morning only!) or you can choose two different ones, if your morning one has SPF included (which lots of moisturisers have nowadays). It’s very important to use a moisturiser even as a base for your make up, because it will keep your skin hydrated.
  • SPF: Please use it daily and in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you don’t leave the house, but your face needs it in order to be protected.

These are all the steps I do in my skincare routine, according to the Korean skincare. It seems infinite, but I promise you not only your skin will be thankful but also it will take less time than what you think! Have you tried the Korean skincare? Any brands suggestions? Drop a comment below!

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