Skincare 101: Collagen

It comes a time in which we start thinking about our skin and how it will age. Many factors depends when it comes to aging: lifestyle, the city that you live in, the food that you eat, your age. How skin age differently from one to another because of these factors but also because of how we take care of it.

When it comes to anti-ageing products the first thing that come into our mind is definitely collagen. From the age of 25 I decided to implement collagen into my skincare routine, so I know a thing of two about it.

What is collagen?

So collagen is the biggest protein that we’ve got in our body. Biggest in quantity because it make up the 35% of proteins that we have. It is contained in the connective tissues including the middle layer of our skin. Collagen moisturise our skin.

Main benefits:

Collagen not only moisturise your skin but also improves fine line and wrinkles by replacing the lost collagen.

How to use it:

I personally have collagen in my night cream, so I use it every night. It exists also as vitamin to take during the day. There are many forms of collagen that you can take, it all depends of what you want to achieve. If a whole results (so skin, nails, hair), or something specific.

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