Charcoal for skin

Have you ever dreamt about a glowy fresh skin? No dirt, no impurities, no more dullness? Yeah me too. But living in the city makes it almost impossible. Then I started using Active Charcoal, it’s an absorbent that is completely natural and free of any chemicals. It removes excess oils and toxins, so who’s got oily skin will benefit the most from it.

Activated charcoal is basically charcoal treated with inorganic chemicals and it’s often used in soaps, masks, exfoliating sponges. It works really well with clay as it absorbs oils.


  • Makes pores smaller and cleaner: because it helps pull the dirt out so they’re less visible.
  • Amazing on oily skin: it pulls the unwanted oil out of your skin, leaving it matte and smoother.
  • Helps with acne: when you use the soap you gently exfoliate your skin, when coupled up with AHAs (like salycilic acid contained in some active charcoal cleansers)

How to use it:

You can easily use the cleanser daily, it shouldn’t have any side effect not even on sensitive skin. Perhaps, who’s got a sensitive skin shouldn’t use the sponge for example. It’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s instruction.

My top 3 products:

Origins: Clay Mask

Carbon Theory: charcoal soap bar
Carbon Theory: spot paste
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