Skincare and coffee

For someone that drinks as much coffee as me, finding out that coffee can be good for the skin was a massive eye open. Coffee scrubs are extremely useful products to be added in your skincare routine. Coffee scrubs are a type of mechanical exfoliation, which means that they remove dead cells from your body or face (cause you can do coffee scrubs even on your body), by massaging it in circle with just a little bit of strength.

A coffee scrub can exfoliate the surface of the skin, removing dead cells and all the dullness, leaving your skin looking radiant and healthy. Naturally glowy. It’s also perfect for every skin type from oily to sensitive (make sure not to be too strong when using a coffee scrub).

Coffee is naturally energizing, hence why we feel more active when we drink it, but also is commonly used for eye products for example, to reduce dark circles and puffiness. It’s also used for cellulite, as coffee may dehydrate cells. Also coffee scrubs are good for lips, to keep maintaining them smooth. Some other beauty benefits: Coffee is high in antioxidants, which is good for the skin as they help fight ageing and free radicals, it improves bloodflow and calms inflammation.

Now my favourite coffee made products when it comes to skincare are:

Frankk Body Original body scrub

vegan, cruelty free, Australian made body scrub. I’ve tried many different scrubs, but this one is definitely my all time winner. My body is as smooth as a baby’s bum, smelling super great and leaving my skin nourished and healthy. I use it twice a month under the shower.

UpCircle face scrub herbal blend.

it’s a natural face exfoliator for oily / combination skin (which is my skin type). Literally leaves my skin super smooth and soft. Its created with repurposed coffee grounds from London cafes. The whole brand is sustainable, vegan, cruelty free and made in the UK.

Which ones are your favourites?

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