Skincare and coffee

For someone that drinks as much coffee as me, finding out that coffee can be good for the skin was a massive eye open. Coffee scrubs are extremely useful products to be added in your skincare routine. Coffee scrubs are a type of mechanical exfoliation, which means that they remove dead cells from your body […]

Portugal- What to visit on a short trip

Planning, planning, planning, this is why we are here! While the situation seems to readjust around the world, our hopes for a travel during summer it’s real. And we all wondering if we can and how it will look like during this pandemic. When it comes to travel, most places, for now, have restrictions or […]

Charcoal for skin

Have you ever dreamt about a glowy fresh skin? No dirt, no impurities, no more dullness? Yeah me too. But living in the city makes it almost impossible. Then I started using Active Charcoal, it’s an absorbent that is completely natural and free of any chemicals. It removes excess oils and toxins, so who’s got […]

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